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At A-DORIUS we take pride in making 100% handmade natural cold pressed soap designed for those with sensitive skin and especially those who suffer with eczema. Alongside our handmade products we offer a range of natural and organic skin care, body care, hair care, baby care and cosmetics. These products not only look and feel good but are good for you.

The answer to skin reactions can be as simple as changing to natural and organic skin care. See why people who suffer with skin conditions are changing to hand made soap. In addition to our soap, we have available natural and organic products. Our customers love using our soap and asked for a more complete personal care range.

Natural Product Awareness

If I can increase your awareness, help you make simple changes away from the harsh chemical alternatives abundant in our stores, then I feel I am doing much to contribute to your health and the environment.

Customer Service

We love nothing more than to help our customers find products that are kind and gentle on their skin. Any questions are always welcome whether it is with the products or the site.
All customers are treated the same - fairly, courteously and with appreciation.