Howley Calvert George Trio
The HCG trio improvises their compositions in real time by controlling melody, harmony and rhythm together, thus assuring a constant creation of original themes - the general effect is one of exploration in a ritual journey from an Australian point of view.The trio has had two overseas tours, they have been together since 1994.
Listen to a sample.

John Howley (Piano &Voice)
Trained as a classical musician (cello) He formed the Royal George Hotel jazz band Sydney 1960. Travelled overseas 1960-67 during which he performed improvised music with various musicians from different cultural backgrounds.

In 1964, with Daevid Allen (Gong Band). John Howley staged a musical happening in Majorca's main art gallery, he is also an established painter with works in major Australian and overseas collections. Howley formed the group Stillborn Frog in 1991, leading to the formation of the Howley Calvert George Trio in 1994.

Robert Calvert - tenor and soprano saxophones
Musician extraordinaire, powerfully lyrical saxophonist with a plaintive and seductive sound, Calvert rejects categorization and is concerned mainly with the spirit and meaning of music.
For four years starting in the 70's, he studied improvisation in London with Maggie Nichols and John Stevens. Between 1976 and 1980 he was a member of the critically acclaimed, freely improvising band John Stevens Away. During the 1990's extensive tours followed in Britain, Europe and the USA, with cult bands Mothergong and Gong.

Since 1994 Robert has pursued his passion for collective improvisation within the Howley Calvert George Trio, which, in 1998 and 1999 toured Poland.Robert made his first recording with the British progressive rock band Catapilla in 1970 and since then has been recorded with just about every group he has played with.

Robert George - drums
Robert George has been playing drums since the 1970s, he has also invented a computerized device that sets out and measures a players timing, which compliments a life long interest playing in free time. For him the approach to improvisation inspired by soundscapes is important.

He has acquired exceptional professional skills as a working drummer, and like most serious drummers, Robert has included in his interests a great love for Jazz drumming.Robert George has played in a number of modern jazz and new music combos, as well as rock groups. For this musician the trio has been a marvelous means to apply some of the timing skills he has been developing in freeform music.

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