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A Quick and Dirty GR (Gwoyeu Romatzyh) IME (Input Method Editor)

There are various ways of typing Chinese into a word processor: Cangjie, BoPoMoFo, and of course, Pinyin, to mention but a few.

But I've never seen a GR method, which is a pity because GR tonal spelling makes for far fewer homonyms than the commonly used toneless-Pinyin method, for example, and this relative scarcity of homonyms may well make a GR IME more efficient than a Pinyin IME.

I have started to develop a GR IME, and guess what I call it! At present it exists only as a very rough prototype, but it does seem to work (in Windows), and you can try it out if you wish by downloading it.

You need the following three files to run GRIME.

GRIME.EXE (about 14 KB)
This is the executable file.
GRIMETB3.ZIP (about 158 KB)
This one unzips to GRIMETB3.B5, which is a conversion table.
VBRUN300.ZIP (about 226 KB)
This one unzips to VBRUN300.DLL, which is the Visual Basic 3.0 runtime file. You may well have it already in your Windows directory, or the System sub-directory, in which case you need not download it.


Create a directory such as C:\GRIME and put GRIME.EXE and GRIMETB3.B5 in it. Make sure that you have VBRUN300.DLL in your Windows\System (or Windows) directory.

Getting your hands dirty with GRIME

Known issues (problems to be fixed)

Does GRIME pay?

Let me know by writing to me (Richard Warmington) at the following address:

richwarm AT (but replace AT with @)

I don't know if GRIME pays, but you don't have to pay for GRIME -- it's free!

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