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Crew & Passengers of the Viscount Disasters.


Sby= Salisbury .... Byo = Bulawayo

Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 Viscount "Hunyani" YP-WAS. Shot down September 3rd 1978
Various reports have given some clues as to who survived the crash and were shot afterwards. The Rhodesians suppressed this information out of consideration for their families. For the record it appears they were several women, one elderly man and two young girls and one young boy.

Memorial in Harare church (Viscount Down website)
The Eight Survivors


Air Rhodesia Flight RH827 Viscount "Umniati" YP-YND Shot down February 12th 1979

There were no Survivors


Captain John Hood,36 8000 flying hours
First Officer Garth Beaumont,31 4000 flying hours

Air Hostesses

Brenda-Ann Pearson,23
Dulcie Esterhuizen.21


Mr Fred.J. Barkuizen,47 South African
Mrs Ans. Barkuizen, South African

Mr Walter Brown, (Fife Scotland)
Mrs Elizabeth Brown,

Mr Jeremy. Bull, Gwelo
Mrs Karen. Bull, Byo nurse (honeymooners)

Mr Gary Callow, (12 years old) Sby

Gary was travelling with Cheryl Tilley, see below, who was engaged to Gary's brother Don who was informed that Gary survived the crash but was murdered with Cheryl.

Mr Walter Ferrier, Sby
Mrs Margaret Ferrier, Sby

Walter worked at the Vehicle Inspection Depot in Umtali Road until his arthritis worsened. Margaret worked for Pearl (?) insurance. They had flown up to Kariba to visit their pregnant daughter Margaret and her (Aussie, pilot) husband Garry Mitchell. The family was told that Walter was helped from the wreckage, and to where they were told to gather, by other survivors because he was almost crippled with arthritis. Something that has always stuck with me is that it had only been Margaret Ferrier's second-ever airplane flight. The first had been on the way up to Kariba. The reason she had never flown before was because all her life she'd had an irrational and very strong fear of flying...

Mr Malcolm Gillespie, 22 Sby BSAP (Policeman)

Mr Ramesh Gulabh, Byo MD Centrust Travel
Mrs Shakuntala Gulabh,
Miss Veena Gulabh (8),
Miss Lina Gulabh (4),
Mrs Dahiben (Dahives?)Dulabh, (Mrs Gulabh's mother)

Mrs Pat Lalloo, Sby Milton Park (Mrs Gulabh's sister)

Miss Neela Lalloo,19 (20?)
Miss Ramola Lalloo (aged 11).

Mr Aubrey Hewitt, Byo Attorney
Mrs Jeannete Hewitt, Byo Teacher
Miss Audrey Hewitt,23

Mr Douglas Loder, 58 Byo Builder
Mrs Margaret Loder, Byo Headmistress Carmel Schoo;
Master Keith Loder (11),

Mr Paul Nicholls,30 Byo Salesman Good year Tyres
Mrs Francis Nicholls,26
Mrs A.M.(Joan?) Nicholls, Mr Nicholls' mother
Master Mark Nicholls (10),
Miss Michelle Nicholis (7),

Mrs Ruth Rainey, Sby

Mr Roger Seaton, 42 Sby Director public relations firm
Left his family,wife and three children in Kariba for three days whilst he travelled to Salisbury for business reasons. Was to return on the Wednesday.

Miss Cheryl Tilley, 20 Sby Rhobank (Six weeks pregnant)

Lost her 15 year old brother in a terrorist attack in January 1978. Engaged to Don Callow (brother of Gary Calow see above.)

Mrs (Betty)Vina Elizabeth Trinder,Byo TTC WardenMaster

Matthew Wilger (7 or 8), Byo Grandson of Mrs Trinder
Miss Leanne Wilger (4), Byo Granddaughter of Mrs Trinder

Miss Linda van Beunigen, Marandellas Her correct name was Lida van Beuningen. She was on the last leg of an orientation trip, as she was due to start working in the Johannesburg offices of the Rhodesian tourism bureau, marketing destinations such as the Victoria Falls and Kariba.

Mr Ken Vermeulen
Mrs Mary Vermeulen
Mr Ronald Vermeulen, 26 Sby Aircraft Engineer
Mrs Alison Vermeulen, 27 Sby Barclays Bank

Mrs Margaret Wray, Bindura
Miss Mary Wray (7),
Master John Wray (9),

Miss Dawn Young. 19 Sby BASP (Policewoman)


    Where are they now?

Dr Cecil McLaren

Passed away 1998 in New Zealand.

Mrs Sharon Cole

Miss Tracey Cole (4)

Married a Swiss and living in that country.

Mr Robert Hargreaves

Reported to have committed suicide due post traumatic stress and injuries sustained. date unknown.

Mrs Shannon Hargreaves (honeymooners)

Mr Tony Hill
1999: Working in tobacco industry, Harare

Mr Hans Hanson
Mrs Diane Hanson. Hansdiana@aol.com 
2000: Living in the UK. This is their update 

"The years since then have been filled with change and a certain amount of turmoil.  We left Zim originally in 1979 for RSA, but returned in 1991, had 5 more lovely years there, and left again in 1996.  After reaching Cornwall, Hans wrote a book called ‘The Deafening Silence’ about his life in both Kenya and Rhodesia, his philosophy of life and the Hunyani event.  Neil Douglas of Zambezi Books in Perth will be adding it to his list.    zambezi@echidna.id.au 

This time last year our 28 year old son, Bruno, was involved in a motor accident (as a passenger) in Cape Town, where he was visiting the owner of the yacht Moonpath, which he (Bruno) was skippering in Indonesia and Thailand.  (Fishing, diving and surfing charters).  The result of the accident is paralysis from the waist down.  So this tragic event has turned our lives upside down once again.  Thank God he was not on that plane with us.  At present he is in San Diego, USA, having just had another operation to improve matters.  He is due to fly back to UK on 15 Jan 2000, but will have to spend a lot of time on and off in San Diego for continuing treatment after a visit to SA and Zim in February."   



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Captain Jan Andre de Plessis,
First Officer Michael Thomas Moolman, 37

Air Hostesses

Kathryn Jane Creigh-Smith, 29
Caroline Lynette du Chemin 21
Regina Chigwada. 23 She was to be Air Rhodesia's fourth black air hostess


Mrs Lynnette Ballentyne,

Mr Arthur Bensusan, (67) (Mining consultant, owned Gladstone Mine Arcturus, an ex-WWW.II RAF pilot, Police Reserve Airwing)

Mrs Brenda Betts,( 36)
Mark Betts (11),
Russell Betts(9)

(Mr Tony Betts wrote in 2001 "Brenda was 36 years old and born in the UK. Both the boys were born in Jersey Channel Islands where we lived before going to Africa. Mark and Russell went the the Christian Brothers school in Bulawayo . I had been running the Hotel School for 4 years before joining the Meikles SouthernSun Group as Group General Manager designate in the January of 1979. I had gone to Kariba to restructure the management while the incumbent Group GM worked out his notice. We were planning for the boys to finish the term at school in Bulawayo before moving to Salisbury. At school , Mark's best friend, they sat together, was Keith Loder who was killed with his parents in the first "crash". !!!! I stayed on in Kariba for a number of months after the disaster. After a trip back to UK to see family and friends I returned to Salisbury and became the Managing Director of Cresta Hotels Ltd (a Tobacco Auctions company.) I returned to Europe in 1983. I have remarried and now have a 6 year old daughter. We live in Istanbu. although I am currently working in the UK."

Mrs Annette Billington,

Miss Marinda Blignaut South Africa

Mr Desmond Boyd, (53) (from New Zealand
Mrs Gladys Boyd , (51)
Noel Boyd (26)
Ian Boyd (25) (Manager Old Hararians, to be engaged to Gill Tabor)
Andrea Boyd (16)
Leonie Boyd. (14)

Mr George Dardagan, (Businessman from Banket. Retail shop "Dardagans" hardware supermarket butchery and haberdashery)
Mrs Ursula Dardagan,

Miss Margaret "Margo" Davies, (UK) (British Airways Air Hostess)

Mr F. Deleplangue, (Belgian)

Mrs Pauline Delport,

Mr Ian Dempsey, off duty Air Rhodesia pilot

Mr B. Derham, (Swiss)

Mr T. Descampe, (Belgian)
Mrs Y.Descampe, (Belgian)

Mr Derek Ebben,

Mr Alec Fairlie,
Mrs Nancy Fairlie.

Mr Rouche Francois,

Mr  John Gobey, (Gatooma business man had a cast iron foundry, servicing mainly the mining industry. Among his many exploits, John had an interest in a kapenta fishing business in Kariba as well. Although John had somewhat of a notorious reputation, he was an exceedingly kind and generous man, and had a world-class collection of exotic birds at his home on Robert Taylor Drive overlooking the farming country to the north of Gatooma.

Mr Donald Goldin (Rhodesian FrontMP for Wankie),

Mr Peter Grey, (UK) (Friend of Mr Bensusan, see above)

Andrew Hardinge (14), (Was the son of the casino manager in Victoria Falls) My name is Nicola Kinrade and my brother Andrew Hardinge - 14 years old, was killed on the Umniati Viscount Feb 12, 1979. My parents who lived in Victoria Falls were sending him back to school in England for safety. For some reason, he could not fly directly from Vic Falls to Salisbury to take the flight to London. So he and a family friend (Michael Harraghy) who had been visiting us went via Kariba. It was a last minute decision for Andrew to go back to the UK, and they decided to have him go back with Michael, so he would not be traveling by himself. I was at boarding school in Bulawayo (age 13) at the time, and so just said good-bye to him over the telephone.  Since Andrew was moving back to the UK permanently, he took all his clothes and possessions with him in trunks on the plane. So, by the time I got back to our house in Vic Falls after being flown home after the crash, and when I went into his bedroom - it was completely empty and stripped of all his posters and clothing. It was as if he had been erased.

Mr Michael Harraghy, (UK) (Was a friend of Andrew Hardinge's father)

Mr Ron Isitt, (UK) (Liebigs Ltd)

Mr S. Maere, (Belgian)
Mrs. Maere, (Belgian)

Lt Andrea Mason, (Army)

Miss Susan E. Morgan,

Mr B. Muzando,

Mr R. PLouvier, (Belgian)

Major Spike Powell. Rhodesian Army Lieutenant ‘Spike’ Powell who had worked with British pseudo-gangs in Kenya during the Mau Mau emergency of the 1950s.

Mrs Denise Quinese, Norton (A brass plaque is still in place in the Dudley Hall Junior School Chapel listing the victims) 

Miss Mitze Rees,
Miss Gillian Tabor, (Soon to be engaged to Mr Ian Boyd see above)

Mr Paul Tasker,

Mr John Teede,
Mrs Sheila Teede,

Mrs Linda Thomson nee Mann 22years old UK (British Airways Crewmember)

Mr Henry van der Merwe,

Mrs J. Viljoen,
Miss D. Viljoen,

Mr Rob Virgette,

Mrs Deirdre Wakefield,

Mr Ted Wigg, (37) (Managing Director Liebigs Ltd Byo)
Mr Loris Zucchini.(58) (Technical Dir Liebigs Byo)