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If you like what you see here, why not check out some of these other sites dedicated to Chrysanthemums from around the world.

Ted King is one of Americas leading chrysanthemum growers and suppliers. For anyone wishing to purchase chrysanthemums in the U.S. this site is well worth a look.

George Harrington is a well known and respected identity in chrysanthemum growing circles in Australia. If there is any news that you need to know, he probably has it listed on his web site.
Harry Lawson has been growing chrysanthemums for many years in the U.K. and has been breeding them since the early seventies. His web site has many photos of blooms and shows from all over and has a great links page to many other related sites.
Paul Barlow is a grower from Aberdeen in Scotland who got hooked on growing in 1981. He has been growing and showing ever since and has provided a web site with some very helpful information and advice on all aspects of chrysanthemum growing.
Here is a site from the U.K. with stories from some of the English shows and links to other chrysanthemum sites.