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The Ichi-Mon-Ji Story

Another name for the "Ichi-Mon-Ji" is the "Imperial Emblem" due to its close resemblance to the Japanese emperors emblem which is a chrysanthemum.
This variety was first developed around 1854 in Gifu Prefecture in the central part of the main island of Japan, Honshu Island, by a then famous chrysanthemum breeder and grower, a certain Mr. S. Shinoda. He is reputed to have developed the Mino type after repeatedly cross breeding Ichi-Mon-Ji seedlings.
The ideal bloom is distinct and clear in colour, there are no wrinkles on the florets, Which are wide and deep in the shape of the hull of a ship. Florets being close to the same length and numbering between 14 to 16.


Ichi-Mon-Ji Standard (Japan)

(1) The central disc is small with some green still showing. The florets should be even in length. The floret width should be evenly matched. There should be no overlapping florets. When veiwed from above the bloom should be circular in shape.

(2) Each floret should have good width and be free of wrinkles. The tips should be rounded and the overall shape of the floret be that of the hull of a ship.

(3) There should be 14 or more florets. The ideal should be between 14 to 16 in a single row.