Geoff's Photography - Solar Eclipses

Partial Phases


A Crescent Sun
The partial eclipse - a bite out of the Sun

Partial Eclipse
Clouds make a nice solar filter

Beautiful Rays from the Partial Eclipse
Our last view of the event

Diamond Rings and Baily's Beads


Diamond Ring & Puff
Just prior to 2nd contact

Observing and Photographing the Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

Baily's Beads
Just prior to 2nd contact

Diamond Ring
Just after 3rd contact

Baily's Beads
Just after 3rd contact



A digitally enhanced composite photo

Multiple Exposure Sequence
The entire eclipse, on a single piece of film

Before and After
The few minutes surrounding Totality

Observing and Photographing Totality
Standing in the darkness

Other Photos - Before the Eclipse


Our Observing Site
Overcast and windy at 10:00am

The Cameras
Ready to capture photons from the Eclipse

Shelter at the Shed
Eagerly awaiting first contact

The Foreshore
Ceduna has never seen so many cameras

Other Photos - During the Eclipse


Safe Viewing
Eclipse Shades

Pinhole Projection
"Ceduna, 04-12-2002"

Various Ways of Observing the Eclipse
40 minutes prior to totality

5 minutes to go!
Standing amidst the eerie light

Other Photos - After the Eclipse

Post-Eclipse Celebrations
Fireworks off the Jetty


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