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Frequently Asked Questions on

WinHelp Easy


Distributing HelpRead.exe
Q: Is there any restriction in packaging 'HelpRead.exe' with my program?.

A: By registering WinHelp Easy you are granted permission automatically to
distribute 'HelpRead.exe' with any of your programs.

Adding HelpRead to a Program
Q: How do I incorporate the Help page into my program?

A: In Visual Basic, in the appropriate place, insert the line
Call Shell("HelpRead.EXE", 1)

Other languages will have a similar code.

Files required
Q: What files do I have to bundle with my program?.

A: There are 2 files you must distribute with your program to make 'Help' work.
HelpRead.exe [This is required to display your Help file].
Help.whe [This is the Help file you create].

You'll find these in the same Folder in which "WinHelp Easy" is installed.