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e-mail - russg2@iprimus.com.au

Prop.  Russ Gracie

Version 2.7.4
Released Dec. 25th, 2014


Date Wizard is a simple way to make sure you never forget another important date.

Date Wizard will popup whenever there?s a reminder falling within the time frame you nominate. Birthdays, Anniversaries Appointments are a snap.

Just enter the reminder date, the message and how many days in advance for the reminder,  and like magic, it?ll pop up right on que.

Dates like :

   Every Monday
   Every 14 Days
   Every Month
   Every Year
   2nd Wednesday each Month.
can easily be set up.

 Date Wizard is FREE for personal use, although a small donation would be appreciated.

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Softoxi.com Verified Certification:

"The Date Wizard is an effective, user friendly and dependable application that will enable you to never miss and appointment or date ever again. Give this smart and free tool a try and see for yourself how easily and quickly you can keep in check your entangled schedule." -

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