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Holiday Air Adventures - NE Victoria

Ultralight Training

Ultralight training flights are No Longer Available.

What an introduction to a thrilling modern sport....

Adventure flying in a Drifter Ultralight Aircraft!

Don, your instructor

Your Instructor

Donald Walpole, your flying instructor, is a highly qualified pilot who has logged over 6000 hours flying time.

The Airfield

Flights operate from the Porepunkah Airfield, located only 9km from Bright on the Buckland Valley Rd.

Your Aircraft

The Drifter is factory manufactured to strict specifications and complies with strength and quality standards. The open cockpit creates that 'fly like a bird' feeling only the feathered variety usually experience. An ultralight is a fixed wing, powered airplane that weighs no more than 480 kg when fully loaded for take off but are similar to conventional aircraft in nearly all other aspects.

What will it cost?

An introductory trial instructional flight costs as little as $80.

Becoming a Pilot

Flying the Drifter could be the first step in your flying career. If you are fifteen years of age or more and are medically fit to the standard required for a drivers' licence, you are entitled to commence flying training with a qualified flying instructor. It can take as few as twenty hours to become a fully qualified Ultralight pilot, with a Certificate from Australia's Ultralight Federation. All hours logged in an Ultralight can also be counted towards your private pilot's licence.

Learn to fly!

How do I start?

Call and see us about taking a no obligation Trial Instructional Flight. This flight will be approximately thirty minutes duration and cost $80. It will give a potential pilot a chance to feel the environment, take the controls and experience the exhilaration of flight before making a commitment to training.

For more information contact x on x

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