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  • Produce
    • Rosewhite Orchards (Gilberts Lane., off C534, Rosewhite). Apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines in season. (03) 5753 5277.
    • Barwidgee Lavender (03) 5753 5335. 714 Happy Valley Rd, Rosewhite. Pure essential oils. Open Thur-Sun 10am-5pm. Closed July - August. 
      Visit Happy Valley
  • Aviation History
    • Aerial Agriculture in Australia by Derrick Rolland
    • Airman I have Met: Their Stories by Derrick Rolland of 16 Australian airman
      • Very interesting.
      • Including Harold M. Rowell (captain of Jessica the restored RAAF Boston), Leigh Laddie Hindley, Kenneth V. Robertson, Peter Clemence, Hugh Coventry, and Joe Drage) telling wartime, postwar and civil aviation life stories.
      • Snippets about the introduction of the Sikorsky S71 and trials of the Cotton Aerodynamic Anti-G Suit Mark I for RAAF WWII fighter pilots in Darwin. Did you know the S71 broke down in Myrtleford, and was road transported back to Point Cook?




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