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 Ron's Photographs page - Year 2003 - Bush Fires

I was up at Hotham fire spotting and air attacking for the Dept of Sustainability and Environment. The associated smoke from the fires in the Cobungra Valley (some 20km away) produced some vivid imagary.
The last picture is the red smoke backgrounding my Cessna 172 Hawk XP as I departed Mt Hotham airport. We (NRE crews) flew to Wangaratta, which was smoke free, well until the Eldorado and Stanley fires lit up.

A couple of days later the fires attacked Hotham airport, where it burnt the grass on the airfield.

Photographs were taken with my Pentax K1000 using ASA 400 Kodak film. Pic 06, a digital photograph was taken by Peter Burns on 22 Jan 2003.    Goto Bush Fire Photographs






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Air Attack Supervisor and Pilot Ron at Hotham Airport








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Vic Alps under seige









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Mt Buffalo burning







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Rocky Valley Reservoir near Falls Creek








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The Razor

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Fire spotter 362 taxiing at Mount Hotham 22 Jan 2003

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