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 Ron's Photographs - Mt Feathertop and The Twins

100_7754 Walpole_Sunrise_at_Wang_Ski_Club.jpg
Sunrise at Wangaratta Ski Lodge - Mt St Bernard
100_7839 We_did_that_and_back.jpg
The Razorback
100_7775 The_End_Point_19Feb2005.jpg
Feathertop and The Twin Knobs
100_7793 The_FT_assault.jpg
The final assault to Feathertop
100_7828 Feathertop_scenery.jpg
Old trees, new growth
100_7777 A_Splash_of_snow__on_FT_19Feb2005.jpg
A pocket of snow on Feathertop in February....
100_7847 The_Twins_Trig_Point.jpg
The Twins trig point
100_7853 A_view_from_The_Twins_sign_20Feb05.jpg
Hotham from The Twins
100_7854 Down_we_go.jpg
The Twins Victoria
100_7855 000_0460 Embedded_track_sign_TheTwins_Sepia.jpg
Australian Alps Walkering Sign embedded into tree
Goto Warby Walkers pics



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