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100_7842 Day_break_on_20Feb2005.jpg
Day break at St Bernard - not promising
100_7844 Lets_Go_to_The_Twins_nr_StBernard.jpg
Wx is OK - Let's Go
100_7845 RPW_and_sign_to_Twins_Track_20Feb05.jpg
The Barry Mountains track to The Twins
100_7846 000_0458 Paul_at_Start_of_Twins_track.jpg
And Paul D
100_7846 Almost_at_The_Twins_20Feb05.jpg
Almost there. Adrian, Allan, Paul, Peter and Kate
100_7847 The_Twins_Trig_Point.jpg
There they Are
100_7848 PaulD_descending.jpg
The steep ridge levels out - at last
S_100_7850 RPW_On_Top_of_The_Twins.jpg
Another conquest - 1702 m

A little different to Gokyo Ri 5400m (18000 ft)

100_7851 RPW_and_The_Twins_Trig.jpg
Me and the The Twins survey point
100_7853 A_view_from_The_Twins_sign_20Feb05.jpg
The Twins view of Hotham
100_7854 Down_we_go.jpg
Down we go - The oldest walkers were 79 yo.
L_100_7855 AustAlpsWalkingTrack_sign.jpg
Embedded sign
100_7855 000_0462 Walpole_Paul_and_Kerry_descending_The_Twins_20Feb2005.jpg
Paul and Kerry descending
100_7855 AustAlpsWalkingTrack_sign.jpg
Aust Alps Walking Track sign
The End
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