Meaning of our Flag

A Nations heart is in its flag. "Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth."(Psalm 60:4). The cornerstone of Australia's heritage is based on the Bible and Christian truths which are symbolised in our flag. "In the name of our God we will set up our banners" (Psalm 20:5). It is a visual reminder that we are a covenant people, first under law and now under grace.

Our Heritage - Past, Present and Future. The Flag which bears the monogram of God in its crosses in the left-hand corner. The word "cross" in Greek means covenant. Confirmation that we are a covenant people under the Southern Cross.

The Flag of England had been the Ancient Hebrew flag of a vertical red cross on a white background.

Union Flag of the United Kingdom 1606-1801 (England and Scotland)

Completion of the Union Flag of the United Kingdom in 1801 with Ireland combined. The fulfilment of Bible prophecy of the Union of Jacob (Israel) in the Isles.
Our Australian flag was born in 1901, when Federation occurred. The Flag denotes our global position by the use of the Southern Cross. The brightest star in the Southern Hemisphere. The Federation Star (sometimes referred to as the Commonwealth Star) directly under the Union Jack has seven points representing the States and Territories of Australia. All the stars have seven points except for the small star which has five. In Bible numerics seven means completion - Seal of God (ie. seven days of the week)

Although the term 'Jack" is commonly used to describe a flag flown at the bow-end of a ship, it is more significant during the reign of King James 1. The Latin for James is "Jacobus" and in Hebrew "Jacob" (jckb). When shortened becomes "Jac". It was the union of Scotland and England when the first Union Jack (1606-1801) was formed. With the progressive merging of the people of the British Isles under one Throne (Throne of David), the formation of the Union Jack completed in 1801 when the flags of Scotland, England and Ireland combined. This coincided with the growth of the British Commonwealth of Nations under Queen Victoria, prophesied in Genesis 35:11. God foretold that Britain (Ephraim) would become a great nation and a company of nations. This would happen in the last days. Australia is a part of that company of nations (Commonwealth). Biblical Jacob whose name was changed to Israel said "let my name be named on them" (Genesis 48:16) when blessing Joseph's sons Ephraim (Britain) and Manasseh (America). Remarkably, the name of Jacob or Jack is attached to the flag of the descendants, who have grown into a multitude upon the earth. An ensign of God's faithfulness taken to the ends of the earth that the world might see his handiwork.

The Union Jack is a symbol of where our freedom comes from. It is for any race or colour. Those who live in this country have inherited the blessings that come from the ideals of Christianity and the blessings inherited from the forefathers passed down from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and then to Ephraim. Freedom is a privilege not a right and freedom can only come from God.

The three colours of blue, red and white were used in the Tabernacle for the curtains, according to God's specifications. The white linen represents the white robes of righteousness given by the Lord to his people. Red signifies the blood covenant fulfilled in Jesus. Blue is the national colour of (Ancient) Israel, and of God's right to rule over men. In Numbers 15:38-41, Israel was instructed to wear a 'ribband of blue' as a remembrance to keep God's Commandments and to be Holy throughout the generations. The Union Jack is formed from (Ancient) Israel's three national colours with the exception of purple which denotes Royalty.

The Lord said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last". First and last letters in the Greek alphabet. In the Ancient Hebrew the first letter of the alphabet was Aleph (x) and last letter was Tau (+). When placed upon the other the crossed crosses form the Union Jack. The three crosses also signify the three covenants of Abraham, Moses and Christ that God made with Israel.

What a wonderful fulfilment that a flag consisting of the symbols of an invisible hand would be displayed in the latter days, before his return, as a reminder of his covenant with his people. Whether or not the people embrace him or reject him, our heritage is God-given and our flag is the history of God's Plan for us.

To reject our Flag and the Union Jack is nothing more than the rejection of God's name. It reflects one state of heart. To replace it with pagan symbols (i.e. trees, kangaroos, etc.) is rebellion. To turn our backs on our God-given Heritage is inviting fatal consequences. It is an honour to have these divine symbols on our Flag. How thankful our chosen and blessed nation should be.