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One day ranking list

The first three columns in the ODI table are the team's position, the team name and the number of ranking points. The fourth column is the team's global World Cricket League division. The fifth column is the team's regional World Cricket League division. The final column in the table is the ICC Membership status of the country - full or associate membership.

Includes Associate one day matches up to Netherlands vs. Zimbabwe, 21 June 2019, full ODI matches up to England vs. New Zealand, 14 July 2019.

Note: Mozambique, Cook Islands, Isle of Man, Bahamas, Israel, Greece, Eswatini, Spain, Tonga, Portugal, Croatia, Malawi, Cyprus, Turks and Caicos Islands, Chile, Finland, Brazil, Rwanda, Morocco, Brunei, Peru, Gambia, Lesotho and Costa Rica have been excluded from the ODI list due to inactivity.

Twenty20 ranking list

The columns in the T20I table are the team's rank, the team name, the number of ranking points, qualifying status for 2020 T20 World Cup and the ICC Membership status.

Includes Twenty20 internationals up to Ireland vs. Zimbabwe, 14 July 2019.

Note: Turks and Caicos Islands, Morocco and Croatia have been excluded from the Twenty20 list due to inactivity.

Multi-day ranking list

The multi-day ranking list currently includes all Intercontinental Cup and Intercontinental Shield matches, the ACC Premier League, ACC Fast Track Countries Tournaments, Saudara Cup and the Auty Cup.

Includes Associate matches up to United Arab Emirates vs. Afghanistan, 29 November - 2 December 2017, test matches up to Afghanistan vs. Ireland, 15-18 March 2019.

Cricket World Cup Leagues

The Cricket World Cup Leagues replace the World Cricket League ODI tournament played by Associate members between 2006 and 2019.

The top league is the Super League consisting of the 12 ICC Full members plus Netherlands, the winner of the 2015-17 World Cricket League Championship.

League 2 will consist of the remaining seven Associate members with full ODI status: Scotland, Oman, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea, United States of America and Namibia.

The Challenge League will consist of the ICC 9th to 20th ranked Associate members: Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kenya, Denmark, Uganda, Malaysia, Jersey, Vanuatu, Bermuda, Qatar and Italy.

Recent ranking changes

Nepal in Malaysia

Nepal won their Twenty20 series against Malaysia 2-0. Nepal remain in 18th position in the global Twenty20 rankings and gain six points. Malaysia remain in 32nd position and lose seven points.

Finland in Denmark

Denmark won their Twenty20 series against Finland 2-0. Denmark remain in 29th position in the global Twenty20 rankings and remain on the same number points. Finland remain in 70th position and lose one point.

Pacific Games, Twenty20, Samoa

Papua New Guinea defeated Vanuatu in the gold medal match to win the Pacific Games. Papua New Guinea remain in 16th place in the global Twenty20 rankings and gain six points. Vanuatu drop one place to 36th and lose five points.

Samoa defeated New Caledonia in the bronze medal match. Samoa remain in 38th place and lose two points. New Caledonia have not yet qualified for the rankings list.

Kuwait in Qatar

Qatar won a closely balanced Twenty20 series against Kuwait 2-1. Qatar remain in 26th position in the global Twenty20 rankings and remain on the same points. Kuwait remain in 27th position and lose one point.

Zimbabwe in Netherlands

Netherlands won their ODI series against Zimbabwe 2-0. Netherlands remain in 14th position in the global ODI rankings and gain 65 points.

The Twenty20 series was tied 1-1. Netherlands remain in 12th position in the global Twenty20 rankings and lose one point.

One day tournaments/series rated

Twenty20 tournaments/series rated

Multi-day tournaments/series rated

Rating system details

To be included in the rankings, a country must have played seven or more one day or Twenty20 matches, or six or more multi-day matches. At least one of the matches must have been played in the last five years, or last ten years for multi-day matches, and the team must not have lost all of their matches. The ranking system takes into account home ground advantage and the type of match, e.g. World Cup matches are rated for highly than normal ODIs.

The following table shows the conversion from rating difference to expected winning chances. Click here to view the table.

One day matches against and between test-playing nations are included in the rankings to try to provide an estimate of the difference in playing strength between the weaker test-playing nations and the stronger Associates.


Thanks to Mark Cruickshank, Llewelyn Scott-Hoy, Darren Buhr, Michael Meade, Alistair Gordon and Roland Ilube who have been most helpful in providing many scoresheets and tournament details.

Please email any comments or queries to Shane Booth.

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Last modified: July 16, 2019