Shane's Women's Cricket Ratings

To be included in the rankings, a country must have played seven or more matches in total. At least one of the matches must have been played in the last five years and the team must not have lost all of their matches.

The ranking system takes into account home ground advantage and the type of match. The list of match types are: World Cup, ODI, friendlies.

Women's One Day International Ratings
Women's Twenty20 Ratings

Women's One Day International Ratings

Includes one day matches up to Sri Lanka vs. England, 18 March 2019.

Note: Bermuda and Canada have been excluded from the ODI list due to inactivity.

Women's Twenty20 Ratings

Includes Twenty20 matches up to India vs. England, 9 March 2019.

Recent ranking changes

England in India

England won the Twenty20 series against India 3-0. England remain in second place in the global Twenty20 rankings and gain 66 points. India remain in fifth place and lose 53 points.

New Zealand in Australia

Australia won the ODI series against New Zealand 3-0. Australia remain in top position in the global ODI rankings and gain 33 points. New Zealand remain in fifth position and lose 24 points.

ICC Women's T20 World Cup Asia Region Qualifier, Thailand

Thailand won all six of their matches to win the T20 World Cup Asia Region Qualifier. Thailand remain in 12th place in the global T20 rankings and gain 19 points. Thailand qualify for the global World Twenty20 Qualifier to be played later in the year.

Nepal finished second. They remain in 16th place and gain 48 points. United Arab Emirates finished third. They remain in 20th place and lose 10 points.

China finished fourth. They rise one place to 29th and gain 49 points. Hong Kong finished fifth. They drop three places to 27th and lose 115 points.

Malaysia finished sixth. They remain in 39th place and lose 44 points. Kuwait finished seventh. They drop two places to 49th and lose 176 points.

England in India

India won their ODI series against England 2-1. India remain in third place in the global ODI rankings and gain 37 points. England remain in second place and lose 46 points.

Pakistan v West Indies in UAE

Pakistan won their ODI series against West Indies 2-1. Pakistan remain in seventh place in the global ODI rankings and gain 137 points. West Indies remain in sixth place and lose 125 points.

One day tournaments/series rated

Twenty20 tournaments/series rated

Rating system details

The rankings take into account the final result of a match (win, draw, loss, tie) as well as whether the match was played on a home, away or neutral ground. The home team is considered to have a 131 point advantage for a one day match or a 60 point advantage for a Twenty20 match. Between two equally matched teams, this equates to the home side scoring 61% in one day internationals or 56% in Twenty20 matches.

The following table shows the conversion from rating difference to expected winning chances. Click here to view the table.

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Last modified: March 20, 2019