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SIENE BROWNE - items available for sale
SIENE BROWNE - items available for sale
 SIENE - Grrl in Space

A bit of tongue-in-cheek science fantasy from the mid 90s
I considered reworking it to take advantge of today's technology, but decided against it. Part of its charm is how it reflects the time - the innocence, and colour palette, of the dawn of the internet age .

As this was created in the 90s - it's not mobile friendly

Join SienE on her quest as she conquers enemies wins the hearts of her crew and treks across the universe ... or is it the multiverse??

And wherever you see a link - click on it so you don't miss a thing!

Simba Snake - a snake's taleFirst draft of a children's story written in the mid-80s

After a number of rejections it never got beyond the first draft. It may take a while, but I am on a mission to complete it - illustrations and all.

In the meantime, a certain a lion cub in a 1994 Disney movie has the same name as my main character. Guess a name change is required.

Eventually it will be published, thanks to the power of the internet!