Mallee Boys

Charlie Archbold

Wakefield Press

November 2017

$24.95 AU

208p pb

ISBN: 978-1743055007

from Wakefield Press...

Sandy Douglas knows that life at fifteen is hard, but it's even harder when your mother died a year ago and nothing's gone right since. His brother Red, on the other hand, is eighteen now and working the farm. He's amped up on rage and always looking for a fight. And then there's their dad Tom. He does his best, but - really - he doesn't have a clue.

As Sandy and Red deal with girls, dirt biking, footy and friendship, both boys have to work out who they want to be, without their mum around. The Mallee, where they live, may seem like the middle of nowhere, but it turns out this is going to be one hell of a year. ... 

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Mallee Boys by Charlie Archbold is a story about two brothers, Sandy and Red, who live their life in the country and deal with the problems that life throws at them. These struggles include the death of their mother, the future, and their relationships.

This young adult book is a story about grief, relationships, family, and the uncertainty of the future. Many people could relate to aspects of book as it covers a lot of experiences that numerous people have gone through, especially male readers. It's a book that feels like its characters and events are real and that's what makes it so effective. The book is easy to read as the characters are sympathetic and it manages to get the reader rooting for them. Although it is a book for teens and young adults, adult readers could relate to it too because of the storyline and characters. This book would appeal to readers who enjoyed The Shadow Girl by John Larkin and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Romany, age 15

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