The Things That Will Not Stand

Michael Gerard Bauer

Omnibus Books

September 2018

$18.99 AU

218p pb

ISBN: 978-1742997582

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Sebastian is at a university open day with his best friend Tolly when he meets a girl. The wrong girl. Her name is Frida, and she's edgy, caustic and funny. She's also a storyteller, but the stories she tells about herself don't ring true, and as their surprising and eventful day together unfolds, Sebastian struggles to sort the fact from the fiction. But how much can he expect Frida to share in just one day? And how much of himself and his own secrets will he be willing to reveal in return?

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The Things That Will Not Stand is an engaging and inspiring novel written by Michael Gerard Bauer. The novel follows the journey of Sebastian, a 16-year-old trying to find his identity. The adventure begins when he attends a university open day along with his best friend Tolly. While his best friend already has his day scheduled, Sebastian finds himself lost, until he meets Frida - the wrong girl. She is funny, artistic and unlike anyone he has met before. As Sebastian discovers more about her, he learns that Frida is a storyteller. As she shares her stories, Sebastian is left wondering what is real and more importantly, who is Frida?

The Things That Will Not Stand is a fast paced, intriguing novel, falling under the young adult realistic genre. The novel focuses on themes of reality, friendship, love and honesty and how our idea of perfection changes with perspective. The book is well structured and easy to read, written in a highly engaging format. The consistent pace and short timespan over which the novel takes place was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the book, emphasising that a captivating story can unfold in a matter of hours. The Things That Will Not Stand is an inspiring, original novel, directed at adolescents struggling to find their identity. I would highly recommend this novel to readers above 12, who enjoy reading about the unexpected adventures we encounter every day.

Ally, Year 9

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