Wed Wabbit

Lissa Evans

David Fickling Books

April 2018

$16.99 AU

246p pb

ISBN: 978-1910989449

fp April 2017

from Scholastic Australia...

When Minnie wakes up in hospital asking for her favourite toy, Wed Wabbit, Fidge promises to bring it to her. But when falling down the rabbit hole involves your little sister's favourite toys coming to life, you just know it’ll be funny as hell. Prison food is warm milk with skin and yoghurt with bits in (‘wevolting’), her sparkly pink teddy bear elephant is in fact a self-help guru, and wonderland is in fact the land of the Wimbly Woos, populated by, you guessed it, Wimbly Woos, a strange, brightly coloured creature shaped like a dustbin. And this is where cynical and sarcastic Fidge finds herself…she’s not overwhelmingly delighted to say the least, but she soon realizes that she’s going to have to get used to Wimbly Land if she’s ever going to see her little sister again–because Wimbly land is in danger and if she doesn't save it, she’s going down with it. PS. It’s really a red rabbit, but Minnie can't say R’s.

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Lissa Evans latest novel Wed Wabbit, is one of the cleverest children books I have read in a long time. Filled with laugh out loud moments, intricate characters and a suspenseful story that leaves you on the edge of your seat, don't be fooled by the title. 

As we follow the story of a young girl Fidge still coming to terms with the loss of her father a couple years earlier, she blames herself for an accident involving her sister (Minnie), and a red stuffed animal that plays an integral role in Minnie's life. When she ends up staying at her awful cousin’s house instead of going on the vacation she'd been looking forward to for months, she snaps, kicking Minnie’s toys into the cellar. As she goes to collect them along with a toy carrot, an indescribable storm transports Fidge and her cousin (Graham) to the Fantasy world of Wimbly woos:

“In wimbley land live wimbley woos,

Who come in many different hues,

In Yellow, Pink and Green and Blue,

In Orange, Grey and Purple to.,”.

As she wakes up in the world of a book she's read to her sister “8 million times”, Fidge begins to follow near impossible clues to bring wed wabbit back to her sister and return to the real world.

The style of writing with rhymes and poetry is smart in itself, and the author doesn't hesitate to go into dark themes even for its young audience. Wed Wabbit was a pleasant and refreshing surprise for all ages to enjoy and learn from.

Hannah, Year 9

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