The Bogan Mondrian

Steven Herrick


September 2018

$19.95 AU

242p pb

ISBN: 978-0702259982

from UQP...

‘There are worse things than school.’

Luke sleepwalks through his days wagging school, swimming at the reservoir and eating takeaway pizza.

That is until Charlotte shows up.

Rumour is she got expelled from her city school and her family moved to the Blue Mountains for a fresh start.

But when Luke’s invited to her house, he discovers there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

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The Bogan Mondrian is a young adult fiction novel written by Steven Herrick. The book tells the story in an Australian setting of a boy named Luke and a girl called Charlotte who live in the same town under different circumstances. Throughout the story, we are given a great insight into two different lives; one of overcoming grief and another of enduring pain.

Due to the more sensitive topics the story revolves around, this is an ideal book definitely recommended to teenagers and young adults. Within this book, Herrick handles the themes of losing a loved one and domestic violence delicately and well with sincerity and authenticity. This was one of the many things I liked about the book, as well as the strong, realistic characters and the way this book informs others of these issues. I was also impressed by the way the story was written. The book is succinctly written with a poetic and lyrical sense. It is an easy book to read which carefully unravels hard topics to swallow. Exceeding expectations, this book is a beautifully written story of broken worlds and broken people who are trying to piece their lives back together.

Jiyun, age 15, Canberra

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