Where We Begin

Christie Nieman


September 2020

$18.99 AU

358p pb

ISBN: 978-1743535660

from Pan Macmillan Australia...

Seventeen-year-old Anna is running into the night. Fleeing her boyfriend, her mother, and everything she has known.

She is travelling into the country, to the land and the grandparents she has never met, looking for answers to questions that have never been asked.

For every family has secrets.

But some secrets - once laid bare - can never be forgiven.

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The story follows Anna as she has just run away from home, leaving her mother who she has a complicated relationship with, her father and the boyfriend she adores. She is running to the grandparents she has never met, a place she has never been. And there she learns the truth about her family, and secrets that can never be forgivenů

This book will take you on a journey. It definitely is a slow build and increases with quality and intensity towards the end. It is certainly not an easy read, with themes of teen pregnancy, dysfunctional families and alcoholism, among many others. This book is extremely thought provoking and I recommend it to a more mature audience, although I found it slow in some points which took away from the overall reading experience. The book is very descriptive, and you feel as if you are there watching it all. This book left me in tears! I rate it 4/5.

Grace, age 14

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