The Land of Neverendings

Kate Saunders

Faber & Faber

September 2018

$14.99 AU

336p pb

ISBN: 978-0571336562

fp October 2017

from Faber & Faber...

What if there exists a world powered by imagination?

A world of silliness, where humans and their toys live on long after they’ve left the Hard World . . . and what if the door between that world and this one was broken?

Welcome to the Land of Neverendings.

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The Land Of Never Endings is a well written book by Kate Saunders that will make you feel many emotions as you travel on the journey of discovery with Emily. This book follows Emily, who has recently lost her sister Holly, who was disabled. Emily had told Holly many stories about Bluey (Holly’s favourite toy) and his misadventures in Smockeroon. Emily would tell Holly many funny stories and would also speak as Bluey, just to make Holly happy. Over time Bluey had become part of the family. After Holly died, Smockeroon seemed to close down for Emily. Suddenly one-night Emily wakes up and hears noises coming from Holly’s room, so she gets up to investigate. When Emily walks in she sees toys having a meeting on Holly’s floor! After another visit from the toys, Emily and her friend Ruth discover they have both seen the toys come to life and together they learn more about the strange events unfolding around them.

I would recommend this lovely story for people who are nine and above so that the reader is able to understand the topics briefly touched upon, such as the death of a loved one. This fantasy book could appeal to most anyone with its heart-warming story. Some of the things I especially loved about this book are that the book takes the reader on the journey with Emily and the easy flow of events that make the book a smooth read. I definitely recommend this book as it is an incredible and engaging story.

Julia, age 12, Canberra

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