Echo Mountain

Lauren Wolk



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ISBN: 978-0241424179

fp May 2020

from Penguin Random House...

1933. When Ellie and her family lose everything, they flee to Echo Mountain. Ellie runs wild, exploring the mountain's mysteries. But the one she can't solve is who's leaving the gifts for her: tiny wooden carvings of animals and flowers, dotted around the mountain for her to find.

Then Ellie's father has a terrible accident. When she sets out to find a cure for him, she discovers Cate, the outcast witch, and Larkin, a wild mountain boy. From them she learns about being a healer, being brave - and how there can be more to a person than first meets the eye.

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In the novel Echo Mountain, which is a family drama and an adventure story, Ellie and her family lose everything they had in their town, Bethel and flee to a new home: Echo Mountain. The book talks about how Ellie, an ordinary girl, spends her life on a mountain.

Ellie starts out by saving the life of a newborn puppy, who later is named Quiet, when her father is in coma. Due to an accident that happened a few months ago, her father refuses to wake up, and Ellie tries to find a way to make him wake up. Her mother and sister, however, blame her for the accident that happened to her father. Meanwhile, she adds to her collection of carvings which were all made by a boy who could make knives sing since the day she moved to the mountain.

She tries every sort of mixture she can to make her father wake up again. But it all changes one day when she goes up mountain to see a hag and stumbles upon Larkin, a boy who lives on the other side of the mountain.

Some of the remarkable things of the book include how brave Ellie is, and how determined she is to complete a task that is set on hand. It also includes the fact that she doesnít listen to her mother, which in this case turns out well for her, however, I didnít like the fact that her mother and sister didnít like what Ellie did and they actually discouraged her from her bravery. Overall, the book was exciting with sudden plot twists, hence this book can be classified as a book for 12+ years old.

Avani, age 12

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