This Is My Song

Richard Yaxley

An Omnibus Book from Scholastic Australia

March 2017

$16.99 AU

224p pb

ISBN: 978-1760276140

from PM Literary Awards...

In the 1940s, musician Rafael Ullmann is sent to a Nazi concentration camp. In the 1970s, Annie Ullmann lives a lonely life on a Canadian prairie. Three decades later, in Australia, Joe Hawker is uncertain about himself and his future—until he discovers a song, written by his grandfather many years ago. This is my Song crosses three continents and time-line, and charts the need for each of us to find our own music—and sing that music with conviction and grace to those whom we most love.

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This Is My Song by Richard Yaxley follows the path of three characters from three different generations of the same family. During WWII, Rafael Ullman, who longs to be a musician, is taken to a Nazi concentration camp. 30 years later, Annie Ullman lives on a Canadian prairie with her mute mother and music-hating father - and then around the present, her son Joe Hawker discovers something about his family he never knew… and he comes across a song written by his grandfather many years ago.

This book is written in a very unique way and doesn’t really quite fit into a single genre. As it is told from the perspective of the three characters in different ways, it shows that there are an awful lot of secrets that Rafael keeps from his daughter and grandson. It would appeal to many ages and is probably able to be read by younger readers, apart from the whole Concentration Camp element. The plot is fairly easy to follow, and I found it a very good book to read.

Eleanor, age 12

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