The Dark Lady


Hodder Children's Books

April 2020

$19.99 AU

310p pb

ISBN: 978-1444957259

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The Dark Lady by Akala is a novel set in the time of Shakespeare, from the perspective of a teenage thief, Henry. The teenager has special gifts which cast him off from the rest of ‘the gap’. Henry tries to rob the wrong person which leads to the main conflict in the book, leading him to question his relationships. All the while, he is trying to come to terms with his birth family's past.

The novel covers themes of love, friendship and perseverance. The genres of the novel are fantasy and a bildungsroman. Personally, I would recommend this to someone of 13+ as it covers some topics that might not be appropriate for younger readers. This book closely relates to some current world issues. This is set in a time shortly after the plague; I liked this book because it showed how afterwards things had changed but were starting to move back towards normal. This also deals with going from being a teenager to an adult. I liked this novel because it was intriguing and unique in every aspect.

Laura, age 15

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