Love, Simon

Becky Alberyalli

Penguin  Books

February 2018

$17.99 AU

342p pb

ISBN: 978-0241330135

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Love, Simon is a fantastic book about a teen in high school. The thing is, no one knows hes gay. When he starts to email Blue, he finds there is someone like him. But things take a sharp turn when someone leaks the emails on the school blog page.

The genres in this book are romance and drama. These genres suit it very well as there are romantic times, and also times where there was a lot going on.  I would recommend this book to 13+ because it covers some very mature themes. There were a few other themes and issues in the story. The themes were friendship, and the big issue that was covered was the big secret leak out.  I liked how the book was relatable, and it had some issues that the world is seeing today. The book was very easy to read and it didn't have many hard or difficult words. Overall, this is an amazing book to read and relates to some people out there in the world today.

Zoe, age 15

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