The Colour of the Sun

David Almond

Hodder Children's Books

January 2019

$14.99 AU

231p pb

ISBN: 978-1444941135

fp June 2018

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A new David Almond book is always something to look forward to. This title for me is one of his best. It is the middle of the summer holidays and Davie having nothing better to do decides to pack his rucksack and spend the day wandering around the Tyneside countryside. On his journey he sees his friend, Gosh, who informs him one of the local lads, Jimmy Killen, has been stabbed. The two see the body and then Davie wanders off into the hills above the town, in search of the person he thinks did this. His travels bring him face to face with an odd assortment of locals, some real, some imagined. We also learn that Davie is grieving the recent death of his father. This journey is not just a physical one for Davie but also an emotional one.

In typical Almond prose, which is both lyrical and descriptive you as the reader are taken on Davie’s journey as if you are there with him. David Almond makes the ordinary extraordinary in this achingly beautiful tale. This is an outstanding novel sure to appeal to fans of Almond’s work and attract new readers as well.

Stephen, Canberra

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