Fearless Frederick

Felice Arena


April 2018

$16.99 AU

156p pb

ISBN: 978-0143786757

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Fearless Frederick is about a boy who lives in 1910 in Paris with his mother and father in a cramped apartment and itís his birthday. When he woke up he met his father who took him to a toy shop and bought Fredrick a brand-new kite. After the purchase of the kite Frederick and his father went home and Frederick was excited for the next part of his present. He got to go to his father's work. His father is a security guard at the museum of Paris. At the end of the night when the shift was over, a siren went off and some thieves came into the museum. At the end of the night Frederick's father got killed by the thieves and then book skipped 6 months after Frederick's father died. All in a matter of a couple of days the river in Paris started to rise and soon the city was underwater. Frederick and his mother stayed at a shelter for the people who have no home because of the flood. As soon as he got there he made two friends, Claire and Thierry. They go on lots of adventures together such as saving people from an escaped zoo animal and recovering the items pickpockets have stolen plus many more. Frederick, Claire and Thierry save drowning people and animals of Paris. Something about Claire shocks Frederick and Thierry and will Fredrick find his father's killer? To find out the answers you will have to read the book Fearless Frederick.

I love the book Fearless Frederick, because it has a lovely ending and a great plot and theme. I think this book is suitable for children aged 9 and up because there are some difficult words and because some words are French as the book is set in Paris.

Charlotte, age 11

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