Aquatica: a beginner's field guide

Lance Balchin

The Five Miles Press

April 2017

$24.99 AU

32p hb

ISBN: 978-1760404147

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Following the collapse of the world’s environment all life under the ocean ceased by 2200 with all that remained being mechanical creatures. These creatures were derived from rogue military robots and domestic robot pets and are called Aquatica. Alongside the Mechanica (the landside mechanical creatures) these creatures rule the world with the human population forced to live in one of three enclaves, protected by fortified walls. Into this mix comes Liberty Crisp who is trying desperately to stop an all-out war between the Mechanica and humans. This book is a guide to the Aquatica creatures from the images and notes that Liberty has compiled during her journeys…

Following on from the CBCA shortlisted Mechanica comes Aquatica: a beginner’s field guide this time detailing the creatures living under the seas. In the same format as Mechanica we get amazingly detailed, photographic style pictures of the creatures as well as information about them. This is a captivating and informative book and I keenly look forward to further titles set in the world of the Mechanica.

Stephen, Canberra

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