Fierce Fragile Hearts

Sara Barnard


February 2019

$16.99 AU

360p pb

ISBN: 978-1509852888

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Sara Barnald’s novel Fierce Fragile Hearts is a gorgeous continuation of Beautiful Broken Things but stands on its own two feet for readers who have not read the previous novel to enjoy. This teenage drama follows a young girl Suzanne moving back to her home for a fresh start and to see her closest friends, the only people that brought hope and light into her life. But when disaster strikes and her best friends move to university, an unlikely friendship is forged with her neighbour downstairs, a lovely lady (Dily) who shares the same passion for music as Suzanne. Between the trade of a washing machine for company, the friendship between them flourishes and Dily becomes someone Suzanne seeks advice from. Meanwhile, a dangerous spark of attraction, the destructive words of a family and an intense argument brews more trouble for Suzanne leading her to discover a new devotion that turns her life around.

Fierce Fragile Hearts is an incredibly moving story that delves into the dark themes of mental health, written authentically from a teenager’s perspective. From the journeys of friendships that grow and dissolve, and the breakdowns to the heart-warming lessons, this is not your regular teenage drama and I recommend it to anyone willing to read about the complexities of youth in the twenty first century.

Hannah, Year 10

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