Fleur Beale

Allen & Unwin

March 2018

$16.99 AU

202p pb

ISBN: 978-1760113780

series: Through My Eyes: Natural Disasters

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Lyla, by Fleur Beale, is the newest addition to the amazing roster of books in the Through My Eyes: Natural Disaster Zones series. The ongoing series covers the grave topic of natural disasters, portraying them through the perspectives of children struggling to survive the events and aftermath, placing the entire series in the genre of realistic fiction. Lyla is no different, showing the after-effects of an earthquake that was responsible for the death of 185 and incapacitating thousands more.

In this series addition, readers follow Lyla, a young girl caught in the 2011 earthquake of Christchurch, New Zealand. Within the very first pages of the novel, readers are greeted by a very helpful map of New Zealand, showcasing the locations that are going to be the placemat of events in the book. The humour the young characters display in the face of danger was truly admirable. Lyla is a book that displays the human nature in a wonderful manner and was a delight to read.

The book is quite clearly aimed at children around the age of 10 or 11, as evidenced by the language, however, the subject matter and the realism paired with the aforementioned humour made it an enjoyable read for me.

Raisa, age 14

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