In The Dark Spaces

Cally Black

Hardie Grant Egmont

August 2017

$19.99 AU

322p pb

ISBN: 978-1760128647

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Tamara has lived all her life as a stowaway on Starweaver freighters. Cally Blackís science fiction adventure novel, In the Dark Spaces, follows her story as she pursues the Garuwa, who attack her ship, whilst also trying to find her brother, Gub. What she does changes the world forever. The pace is good, not super-speedy, but not so slow that you have to force yourself to read it.

I enjoyed reading this novel. I think that this book is best for people aged 10 and over because there is some fighting and the details are described quite well. This isnít like other teenage sci-fi books I have read because the love in this story is different from the boyfriend-girlfriend relationships in most teenage novels. It is about finding home and family love not a suitable boyfriend. The language is simple, and conveys the message really well, and the authorís word choice makes it seem like the book was written by Tamara. An enjoyable read.

Ella, age 14

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