The Darkest Minds, Book 1

Alexandra Bracken


April 2018

$17.99 AU

570p pb

ISBN: 978-1460755594

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The Darkest Minds written by Alexandra Bracken, is a teenage thriller with compelling characters, a dark premise and a young protagonist we can all relate to in the most unusual ways. After Ruby is taken to Thurmond, a concentration camp meant to “rehabilitate the freaks”, she convinces the doctor that she is a green, the least dangerous of the colours used to classify humans and their powers. As the years go by, she realises that certain colours have left as they were too dangerous for the camp to control. The colours are green for high intelligence, blue for telekinesis, yellow for electricity and its control, orange for memories, mind control and feelings and lastly red for fire. After six years in camp, Ruby escapes with the help of the League, but after finding out one of the members killed two children, she runs again. She finds a group of kids, looking for a place called East River which is a safe haven for children affected by IAAN who need a safe place to stay. And the adventure begins. 

The protagonist Ruby is a fleshed-out character that breathes new life into how people would view children showing extraordinary abilities, and how the children treat it too. The novel takes a new approach to the vulnerabilities children face without adults to help, and how strong friendships can grow even when months are compared to years. Each moment in the book leaves you on the edge of your seat, with emotions spiralling out of control at every turn. 

Hannah, Year 9

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