Where the River Runs Gold

Sita Brahmachari


July 2019

$14.99 AU

342p pb

ISBN: 978-1510105416

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Where The River Runs Gold is an amazing book written by Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner, Sita Brahachari. The book is about a girl named Shifa, who was found by a man on the night of Hurricane Chronos. The man’s wife has died of an infection. Shifa’s papa pretends that his son, Themba, and Shifa are both twins. On her birthday she finds a photo with Themba, Nabil and her mama Tia. She doesn't see herself in the photo or in any other photos. On the night of her birthday Shifa tells Nabil about the photo and he hands her a locket which belonged to her real mama.

The day after, both Themba and Shifa are sent off to Freedom Fields. Her papa has told her that Freedom Fields is a job for kids and they will pay the wages to support the family. As soon as Shifa reaches there, she dislikes it. The leaders separate her from Themba and make her work too much. Shifa wants to escape. Will Shifa and Themba be able to escape safely?

I really loved reading this dynamic fiction book because it shows the courage of a young girl who wants to get back home. I would recommend this book to ages 11 and over because younger kids might have difficulty understanding the plot. I would rate this book ten out of ten.

Riddhi, age 11, Canberra

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