The Impossible Boy

Ben Brooks


June 2020

$14.99 AU

268p pb

ISBN: 978-1786541048

fp November 2019

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The story follows two year six students named Oleg and Emma as they go on an adventure to protect their friend Sebastian Cole from the Crows, a subsection of the government intelligence service tasked with storing impossible things away so that ordinary people donít see them. Along the way, they meet many impossible characters and things, including a group of snowwomen trying to reach the Arctic and a 120-year-old school gardener.

I liked this book because it was a very interesting read and the plot did things I have never seen done before in a book. These include creating a character that speaks in the way Sebastian Cole does, as well as creating one of the most compelling motivations that I have ever seen for the villains of the story. The book also has a great sense of humour and doesnít take itself that seriously. The characters are also extremely funny and well fleshed out.

This book will largely appeal to people aged 10 to 12 but people of other ages can really enjoy it too.

Jeremy, age 13, Canberra

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