Mermaid Moon

Susann Cokal

Candlewick Press

April 2020

$26.99 AU

492p hb

ISBN: 978-1536209594

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Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal is about a young mermaid called Sanna. Sanna’s father is seavish but her mother was landish. The undersea witch, who delivered her, cast a spell that made her people, and her mother, forget her birth. Sanna longs to find her mother, so she uses magic to change herself into landish form and go ashore to the Thirty-Seven Dark Islands, the closest anyone can remember to where they left her mother. There, Sanna stumbles into a wall of white roses and a community desperate for a miracle - and a baroness who would do anything to live forever.

This story is a beautiful fairy-tale of magic, belonging, love, hope, and sacrifice. It is mainly a fantasy book but has elements of romance. This book would be most suitable for teenagers or young adults, as it contains mature themes and references, as well as some words that may be difficult for younger readers to understand. The book gave insight into Sanna’s life as a mermaid, and I liked the writer’s take on the mermaid community, as it was something I had not seen before. I liked this book because it was very descriptive but at the same time it left a lot up to your imagination. The book is split into chapters, some of which are from Sanna’s perspective and others which are told in third person. Books that switch perspectives can sometimes become very confusing, but with this book that was not the case. I would highly recommend Mermaid Moon as a great fantasy read for teens and young adults.

Amelia, age 13

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