Break Your Chains

Book 1 of The Freedom Fighters

Emily Conolan

Allen & Unwin

April 2018

$16.99 AU

298p pb

ISBN: 978-1760294915

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This is a story about a young Irish girl who has to deal with a lot of sorrow such as her mum falling ill, and her dad started a rebellion to keep England from taking Ireland, but he ends up in an English prison. Her mother and her flee to England, she can’t even remember her old home but with sorrow comes her courage to find her dad. Before she even gets close to finding him she gets tangled up and she ends up in prison herself where she meets a girl named Sarah. A few months later she and Sarah are being transported across the world to Van Diemen's Land where there is hope of finding her father.

This is a choose your adventure type story and I made the decisions I thought were right throughout the story and I ended up in Australia where things were great. Things were better than they expected. They have a new kind master and a whole bedroom to themselves. Until the bushrangers came...

Break Your Chains is a great book that takes you on an adventure in 1825 around the alleys and streets of England. With many twists and turns, some you expect others are a surprise.  I personally loved the many twists, turns and decisions that were in the book. In my opinion there was this one small paragraph that absolutely blew me away. The girl hands out her seven gems to her father’s gang “f for fire opal R for ruby EE for the two emeralds...then diamond ,onyx and malachite it spells freedom’’. I admire that piece of work it was so planned out right from the beginning.

Children older than 9 -14 that love books set in the 1800’s when the colonies of Australia grew into small towns would adore this novel. I also believe that readers would enjoy making the decisions at the end of each section.

Ella, age 10

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