Hopewell High: All Too Much

Jo Cotterill


May 2017

$12.99 AU

80p pb

ISBN: 978-1472934079

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This short novel in the Hopewell High series is about a teenager called Samira, the most intelligent girl in her class. When one of the members of the quiz team drops out she gets invited to fill in. Samira is pressured by her parents to do really well so she studies very hard for the quiz. After a few days, her three friends notice deep cuts on her arms, and she confesses that she has been cutting herself due to the stress, so she would like to quit the quiz team. Her friends devise a plan to stop the quiz competition day from happening. 

This novel is very suitable for the secondary age group, because it highlights the possible consequences of too much pressure on teens from parents and teachers and discusses the hidden issue of self harm. The book is very short and arranged so that dyslexic and struggling readers would be able to comprehend the book but also be able to relate with the character’s teen issues.

The novel has excellent quality pictures that match with the text very well and would help people with reading issues to understand the text. This book is very easy to read and could be read by a wide range of people.

Angela, age 12

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