Hopewell High: Stage Fright

Jo Cotterill


May 2017

$12.99 AU

80p pb

ISBN: 978-1472934130

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Stage Fright is a very short novel in the Hopewell High series about a teenaged girl named Alice. The story begins when Alice arrives back at her boarding school after the holidays. We learn that Alice has previously had a problem with panic attacks, and that her mother has told Alice that she believes that Alice’s father is having an affair. We also learn that Alice is playing the lead role in her school play. As the school year starts, Alice is quite upset and begins having panic attacks again, as well as forgetting her lines in the school play. Her friends decide that they must help her and stop her from being replaced as the lead actor. They begin trying to figure out if Alice’s dad is really having an affair or not.

This novel is realistic and would most appeal to people aged 10 to 14 who are looking for an extremely short novel that is easy to read. It is well-written with a bit of drama that deals with important issues revolving around family, friendship and psychological issues. I enjoyed the characters in the book and the friendship between them. The illustrations are attractive and suit the atmosphere of the story. They help to give more information about the characters and the appearance of the school, as there are not many descriptions in the book. They all fit nicely with the story and make it more entertaining to read.

Annabelle, age 13

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