The Wizards Of Once

Cressida Cowell

Hodder Children's Books

May 2018

$14.99 AU

400p pb

ISBN: 978-1444936728

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fp September 2017

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The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell is a fantasy book that follows the journey of a young wizard named Xar and a young warrior princess named Wish. Xar should have gained his magic by now but hasnít and Wish has a magical object that she will do anything to hide, but Xar will do anything to get it. Warriors and wizards have been taught to hate each other like poison but Wish and Xar start finding ways to work together to find the witches (If theyíre even alive). 

This book is great for kids aged 9-12 and itís very easy to read. This book is very descriptive and allows you to use your imagination and submerge yourself into the book, so you almost feel like youíre there with the characters. The Illustrations are very detailed and unique. I enjoyed this book because itís thrilling and unpredictable, it kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Olivia, age 12



This is a story about a boy named Xar, who travels throughout all of the Forbidden Forest trying to complete his one mission, to catch a witch. Everyone doubts that he would actually find the witch, so that makes him more determined. Later on, he finds a princess from the enemy tribe, the Warriors. They go into Wizard Camp, where the warrior isnít supposed to go, where Xar is entering into the Spelling Competition. Meanwhile, Wish and his guard, Bodkin fight and kill a witch and get one of Xarís sprites Squeezjoos poisoned with Witchblood. Now, their mission is to save Squeezjoos and to restore him back to full health. They then travel to the complete opposite side of the Forbidden Forest, then enter Warrior Fort, where they would be able to find the Stone of Magic Removal. They try to hide themselves from Wishís scary mother Queen Sychorax, but fail, and get caught and imprisoned. But will there be time to save Squeezjoos?


The Wizards of Once is a book with lots of great qualities, like it was very descriptive, but my favourite thing about the book are the drawings. The drawings are very, very detailed and it makes the story a lot more visible in my mind than if there were no drawings at all. There are illustrations on nearly every page, each little bit with so much detail. This is my favourite book I have read in a long time. I think this book would be fantastic for kids aged 9 & up who enjoy books to do with fantasy or magic, because the story takes you on a magical journey through a magical world with lots of magical people.

Jackson, Year 5

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