The Threads Of Magic

Alison Croggon

Walker Books

March 2020

$16.99 AU

382p pb

ISBN: 978-1406384741

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Alison Croggonís The Threads of Magic follows young Pip who has pickpocketed the wrong person and is now in possession of a mysterious dried out heart. Whatís even stranger is that it seems to be trying to communicate with him. Unbeknownst to Pip, he has broken an ancient spell and now the whole town is in peril and the heart isnít as powerless at it seems...

This fantasy book contains magical and fairy-tale themes similar to that of Cornelia Funke (Inheart, Inkspell) but aimed at younger readers. This book has some dark elements but nothing that a reader aged 10+ canít handle, and the vocabulary isnít too advanced. There is a big focus on friendship, loyalty and bravery and the world is very complex and well crafted. There are a few subplots that are a bit confusing as it jumps around a lot but once you figure it out, youíll be absolutely engaged! Overall, I enjoyed this book and the twists were very intriguing.

Niamh, age 14

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