Clementine and Rudy

Siobhan Curham

Walker Books

June 2020

$16.99 AU

336p pb

ISBN: 978-1406390230

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Clementine and Rudy is a heartfelt story about two unlikely friends changing the world through their passions for art and poetry. Although Clementine and Rudy come from very different backgrounds, they form an unbreakable bond of friendship that proves to inspire them both. Together they battle against family struggles and tackle the issues they see in the world to change it for the better.

There are some elements of romance and mature themes, but it is mostly a realistic, feel-good novel about teen issues, friendship, and learning to follow your dreams no matter who puts you down. 

The book contains references to many controversial / sensitive issues and mature subjects, such as sexism, racism, suicide, pollution, homosexuality and more, so it would be better suited to older readers, such as teens or young adults. I liked how the book acknowledged these things, rather than trying to ignore them or pretend they did not exist. Each chapter of the book is from the perspective of either Rudy or Clementine, allowing the reader to see events through both of their eyes. While books that change perspective can get confusing, I found that this book transitions easily from chapter to chapter and I enjoyed seeing the different experiences and thoughts each girl had. I loved seeing their friendship develop as they became closer and more open with one another. Altogether I think this is a wonderful book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes feel-good or realistic novels.

Amelia, age 13

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