Louisiana's Way Home

Kate DiCamillo

Walker Books

June 2019

$14.99 AU

230p pb

ISBN: 978-1406385588

fp October 2018

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Louisiana’s Way Home, by Kate DiCamillo, tells the story of a girl called Louisiana who lives with her granny in Florida, and loves it there. But one night, her granny wakes her up at midnight, and tells her that they have to leave their home. 

This story is about discovering who you are and deciding who you want to be. This book is fiction, and I think it is best suited for girls around the age of 12 to 13. When I read this book, I found it quite easy to read, and I liked the way Louisiana was so brave after receiving her Granny’s letter to her. I also liked how Louisiana had a beautiful voice and had the courage to sing at a random person’s funeral, even though she fainted. I think the character of Granny was really good and suited the theme of ‘only you get to choose who you are’, and because of Granny, Louisiana made a good choice about deciding her future. I think the main theme of this story is ‘nobody else can tell you what to do with your life, only you get to decide that’.

Tahlia, age 13, Canberra

Louisiana’s Way Home, is a book about discovering who you are and deciding who you want to be. The story is about a girl called Louisiana leaving her home state, Florida, with her granny because of a curse. Louisiana and her granny leave for Georgia suddenly in the middle of the night without any money or plans. When they reach Georgia they go to the ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight Motel’ but have barely any money to pay for a night. Will Louisiana ever find her way home?

I believe that this book is a mystery and action book as it involves lots of action and suspense. I would recommend it to ages 10 and over. The book includes some complex words and is written like a diary, meaning that you need to pay close attention to what the author is conveying. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and I would rate it an eight out of ten.

Riddhi, age 10

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