Danger Dolan Countdown

Danger Dolan


December 2017

$19.99 AU

240p pb

ISBN: 978-1925481310

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Danger Dolan Countdown, written by Danger Dolan, an Australian Youtuber and the host of the hit channel Planet Dolan, is an interesting and quirky book covering fun facts ranging from amazing animals to the freakiest inventions and much more. The reader is taken through weird and wacky information about history, mystery and, of course, its major theme danger.

While this isn’t the type of book I would normally choose for myself I enjoyed discovering the interesting facts about the giant animals such as the Dalmatian Pelican and the truth behind historical figures that I thought I knew. For example, it answers the question “Was Cleopatra … breathtakingly beautiful?” I would have liked there to have been more information about ancient civilisations.

The illustrations are of varying quality, which enhances its wackiness. I wish that the illustrator would have kept the same style throughout the book. The font was big and easy to read, which would be perfect for younger readers. The layout of the cover and pages are eye-catching and help to keep the reader engaged with the text.

I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in unusual facts, as well as fans of the author’s YouTube channel.

Ally, age 12

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