Boy On A Wire

Jon Doust

Fremantle Press

February 2019

$19.99 AU

240p pb

ISBN: 978-1925815245

fp 2009

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Set in Australia, Boy on a Wire by Jon Doust follows the story of Jack Muir, a young boy sent to boarding school, living in the shadow of his older brother. The story, written from Jack’s perspective, explores the struggle and fight he faces to not succumb to bullies, as well as his own internal conflict with himself based on his religious beliefs. This internal conflict causes him to face difficulties in finding his own place in the world and belonging in his family.

Fitting in neatly with the genre of “teen issues”, Boy on a Wire realistically covers mature themes of violence (corporate punishment), bullying and includes some sexual mentions. As a result, I would recommend this story to any older readers who struggle with bullying, religion and/or finding their own place and belonging in society. Though I personally was unable to relate to Jack’s character and experiences, I found reading his raw thoughts and emotions interesting and it allowed me to feel a greater sense of empathy towards his character.

Jasleen, age 15

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