Wolf Children

Paul Dowswell


November 2017

$14.99 AU

282p pb

ISBN: 978-1408858516

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Wolf Children is a strong book about World War 2 and the lives of five children, all of whom fought and survived the war. They are on the side of the Germans and, considering they had just lost, they were now under the rule of the Russians. This was tough within itself. After the Germans had been bombing and destroying Russia, the Russians that were looking after the small town showed no mercy and took their revenge by making everyone starve. This novel tells you to never give up hope because things will get better in the end. This book touches on, and talks about, the strong impact war has on the remaining land and people. This novel is focused on facts and is a very exciting and thrilling novel.

At first, I struggled to understand what the book was talking about. It is certainly not something I would usually read but I really enjoyed it and I learnt a little about the aftermath of war. I suggest that you have a little background information on what the war was and what happened, so you understand the place and time this novel was based in. It also has German language in it and when I got to those parts I got very confused and struggled to know what they meant and when the author didnít explain further what the words mean I didnít get it. Eventually, a few get repeated and you start to get a small idea of what it means. The themes of this novel are war and friendship. I would recommend this to 13 - 14+ because of some of the language used. I liked how detailed the author wrote and how a general picture was able to be placed in my head. Overall, this book is something worth reading.

Keishan, Year 8

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