A Thousand Perfect Notes

C G Drews

Orchard Books

June 2018

$16.99 AU

252p pb

ISBN: 978-1408349908

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A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews is a beautifully written book with a well-orchestrated story. The book covers a variety of mature themes such as family violence and is not suited for younger readers; though despite this, it still carries a wondrous story with a deep meaning. This story best fits in a mature and realistic themes genre, with descriptions that can be imagined happening in the world, the reader lives in.

The story follows Beck Keverich, son of Ida Magdalena Keverich who is a retired classical pianist. She has forced Beck to play the piano, to not only play but perfect the same classical pieces, the études that she once played. She has drilled them into Beck, but Beck has his own music in his head and he wants it to be freed. However, with the threat that his mother will harm Joey, his younger sister, he complies and plays the études every day. He then meets August, the definition of happiness, compared to him, and she gives him something he never had, hope.

A Thousand Perfect Notes is a brilliant book and a fantastic read, although not suited for readers under 14. The novel has German words used at many points, though most are repetitive. It can be hard to keep track of the story while also trying to find the meanings of those German words. Overall, A Thousand Perfect Notes is a beautiful and lovable story.

Jasleen, age 14

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