Fleur Ferris

Random House Auustralia

July 2017

$19.99 AU

298p pb

ISBN: 978-0143784319

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The novel, Wreck, follows the story of young adult Tamara Bennett who is a positive, happy girl with big plans for university and with a promising career as a journalist. But all this changes when she comes home late one night to discover that her home has been ransacked and to find an armed intruder in her house. She is rescued by a mysterious stranger and gets caught up in a dangerous journey to solve a crime related to a boating accident that occurred five years ago. But Tamara doesnít know who to trust and to trust certain people could cost Tamara her life.

I found this novel very interesting and something new for me as I donít read much crime fiction. This book would probably be aimed at readers 14 years and older as it has some strong language and deals with some mature themes like murder and crime. One of the main themes in the book is trust and media and the role that the media, and the people controlling it, play in each of our lives. The book has examples of very realistic events that happen regarding the media and how people with power and money basically control it. I enjoyed this book because, as I said earlier, crime fiction is a new genre for me and it was good to read something new. The novel also had time changes throughout the course of the story, switching from the present to five years ago, which also added an interesting element to the story and was something I quite enjoyed. The story included a number of mysteries that the main character uncovered which also added suspense and interest for the reader as the story is read and the journey of the main character followed. The main character was also very relatable and genuine and made the story seem much more realistic by the characterisation used.

This book was easy to read and used informal, everyday language and I would recommend this book to young adult readers who enjoy suspense or crime novels.

Gabby, age 15

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